Included in this ebook are guidelines for the following:

  • Maintenance of Employee Records
  • Destruction of Employee and Applicant Records
  • Compliance Reports and Records
  • Retention of Terminated Employees’ and Applicants’ Records
  • And more.


  1. Businesses increasing rely on HR Outsourcing (HRO) can save money, focus on strategy, improve compliance and accuracy, and gain access to HRO expertise. HRO enables companies, especially smaller ones to grow without hiring additional personnel. 2013 SHRM Survey
  2. Companies that implemented a wellness program experienced a 28% reduction in employees calling in sick. Institute for Healthcare Consumerism
  3. Medical costs decrease approximately $3.27 for each dollar a business spent on wellness programs. 2013 Aflac Workforces Report
  4. By 2030, half of all American adults in the U.S. are expected to be obese.
  5. Obesity-related illness costs approximately $190.2 annually. Institute of Medicine
  6. “Emotional health accounts for $135 billion spent on health care every year,” says Jane Ruppert, Vice President of Health Services at Interactive Health, citing a research report prepared by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). “That’s nearly as much as the total spent on heart disease and cancer treatment combined. With 1 in 5 American adults experiencing some emotional health issue — particularly depression — in any given year, corporations should be prioritizing it in their worksites.”
  7. 86 million adult Americans have prediabetes. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention